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  1. Candace Skeen says:

    As technically difficult as it is to explain why depression may be higher in MS is a hell of a lot easier to explain if the person your explaining it to has MS…
    Imagine waking up and not be able to do what you used to do? Or doing what you have always do and mess it up as you had never done before. Yea, irrability and anger do happen because the person with MS us likely so overwhelmed with inability… losing any ability is so horrific that not one can understand that without having this off and on chronic problem and eventually the “on” part is sevierly hampered by questions of people seeing you fail previously and not having a belief in you that you are actually capable of doing what you say you ARE going to do…because even sometimes when you think you can and declared you will and then, yet again fail…that is just one more strick and one more loss that is even harder to recover from. A very unfortunate thing with MS that is like to occur with additional scaring, based on placement of, can turn to PBA…which before treatment, I could not handle…any conversation I was in be it happy, somber, excited what have you would cause me to burst out in uncontrollable tears for NO REASON a ridiculous response to something I am not even feeling as much as I am displaying, it kept my indoors for a long time until treatment at which time, was glorious! But that is just an example of things that can and do happen… I avoided the public because people would literally come to my aid when it was not at all necessary and felt more embarrassed than anything so I quit leaving my house…ironically, crying has never really been an “acceptable” thing in my family as it made ‘others feel akward’-oh well, nit my problem, so I thought to myself strongly…wrong, but he’s I am gretful a treatment t that works was available but so much “credit” was lost by many who saw my crying as a weakness that it’s like I am back at square one. . . Again
    Depression happens for these reasons too and many many other reasons as well…

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