Testing Knowledge of Multiple Sclerosis on “The MS Feud”

Jack Osbourne is quite open about his personal battle with relapse-remitting multiple sclerosis.

In this You Don’t Know Jack About MS® video, Jack Osbourne asks strangers to “compete in a game show and test their knowledge about multiple sclerosis.”

Discover Jack Osbourne’s advice on how to live a healthier multiple sclerosis lifestyle.

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  1. gerald a. ingalla says:

    I’m an MS patient live at the Philippines. 37 years of age. Actually taking up high potency of Vit d3. 10,000 iu a day. And found it that it improves my way of walking. Lessen my gait instability.

  2. gerald a. ingalla says:

    I’m an ms patient too. No to dairy products, msg or food enhancer. Also I only eat meat occasionally usually fish but definitely no to beef. Plus taking up high potency of Vit d3 10,000 iu a day and Vit k2 5mg every other day. . plus a lot of water a day maybe around 2 liters . .and found it beneficial cause I don’t experienced any relapses this summer

  3. June Kaye says:

    I have MS but friends who have Lyme are awaiting their diagnosis of MS as the symptoms are identical. Could they actually be the same thing?

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