8 Less Common Symptoms of MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) results when the body’s immune system starts to attack and destroy myelin, the protecting coating on nerve fibers in the brain and/or spinal cord of the central nervous system. Common symptoms of MS include fatigue; numbness and tingling of the face, body, arms and legs; muscle spasms; walking difficulties; bladder problems; bowel problems; vision problems; and cognitive changes.

But there are some less common symptoms of MS that you should know about. Here’s a list of eight lesser-known potential MS signs.




Speech problems might happen in approximately 25 to 40 percent of multiple sclerosis patients. Problems with speech may show during a later stage of the disease course, and during periods when patients experience an extreme level of fatigue. Stuttering is also a speech issue that can occasionally occur.

Learn more about less common signs of MS.

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  1. Lydia says:

    I am really interested and want to know more about this. Sounds like good news. I have Relapsing MS with Footdrop, loss of use of right arm, bladder incontinence, some difficulties with speech, and swallowing/ chocking at times.

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