MS Stories: Tim’s Journey to Walk Again

In this video made by Jack Barton, we meet Tim, Jack’s father. Tim was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis eight years ago and has to undergo monthly intravenous treatments to keep his MS stable. He talks about coming to terms with the disease, how the diagnosis affected his family, how little information there is about the condition, and how a positive mindset helps him through his MS journey.

Discover seven tips to live a healthier life with multiple sclerosis. 

Jack has set up a Facebook group called the “Positive Wobbly Warriors” which aims to share ways that newly diagnosed and established MS patients can change the way they view their condition and get the best out of their lives, as well as offer support and advice to each other.

Could lifestyle choices affect the severity of MS symptoms? Read more here.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Thank you Tim, you inspire me. I too receive a monthly IV treatment. I am 64 years old and I keep telling my wife of 40 years that I plan to live another 25 years. I went water skiing for my 64th birthday and the grand children loved it. I hike, I walk I camp and I hunt to stay active. I still work full time and have many hobbies that keep me active.

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