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A multiple sclerosis diagnosis is life-changing for patients as well as for their family members and caregivers. A sea of medical documents, endless lifestyle changes and, perhaps most difficult, coping with new physical limitations, can change your very sense of self.

One fast-growing, free and anonymous mobile app, BelongMS, has centralized all the various tools for managing and navigating MS. It empowers, educates, and lightens the burden for people whose lives have been touched by MS and aims to be the world’s largest social and professional network for people living with MS.

“Our mission,” explained Eliran Malki, Co-Founder and CEO of, “is to improve the quality of life and quality of care for people living with chronic disease. We create and operate patient engagement and navigation apps for patient communities worldwide. After creating the world’s largest social network and navigation app for people living with cancer, we broadened our impact by offering additional platforms for other conditions. BelongMS is one of our fastest growing apps due to its unique value and personalized approach that offers many features in an easy to access one-stop-shop.”

BelongMS provides direct chat with world-renowned professional experts, an attentive and supportive patient community, personalized content and updates, treatment navigation tools that provide tips and reminders, premium services for advocacy organizations, providers and more.

Connecting Patients

“Sometimes it’s tough to handle MS, even when you’ve found a good rhythm,” said Caroline Craven, Certified Life Coach and MS Advocate. Craven founded the Girl with MS website and has a group of the same name on BelongMS.

“Connections with yourself and others are the key to not just surviving, but thriving,” Craven continued. “BelongMS helps people make those connections and share their personal experiences in coping with the daily challenges and many facets of the MS journey. It can fundamentally change how patients take control of their self-care and make them part of a large community.”

There are dozens of groups on the BelongMS app, covering topics like the neurological impact of MS, sexuality, physical activity, maintaining a career and more. Users receive group suggestions based on the specifics of their condition and indicated interests.

Facing Lifestyle Changes with Your Head Held High

Making healthy lifestyle choices is key to taking charge of MS instead of letting it rule you.

“Making sure that you are as healthy as possible is important to feeling good and making it through relapses,” said Danielle Best a clinical dietitian who helps to advise people on the app. “Sometimes, patients have never seriously considered their diet up to this point. Providing them with quick and easy access to what can be a new world of nutrition can help them build the routines necessary to succeed.”

Exercise is also a key element of managing MS but becomes harder after a diagnosis. Videos by physiotherapists are available on the app to provide guidance on dealing with fatigue and provide specific exercises for different parts of the body.

Professional Information for Patient-Centric Care

For years, many patients were passive participants in their care. Recently, patients have been empowered to engage, ask more questions, and create management strategies along with their physicians. The BelongMS app attempts to provide a safe and anonymous forum for patients to take control of their journey.

“BelongMS helps to disseminate accurate information in a reliable manner,” said Prof. Mark Freedman, a neurologist at the University of Ottawa and the director of the MS research unit at the Ottawa Hospital. Prof. Freedman manages a professional group Ask the Neurologist on the BelongMS App. “As part of the COVID-19 pandemic, methods of care like telehealth have become more popular. However, the distance between doctor and patient can lead to miscommunications. Patients without a reliable support structure can also find confusing or misleading information online. Belong’s app gives them a safe and reliable place to explore, ask questions and feel that they are managing their disease and not vice-versa.”

The focus on professionally sourced information is a key part of Belong.Life’s mission and is a cornerstone for all its platforms. The company strives to create patient-driven communities guided by experts who can ensure that people are receiving the best guidance possible.


The comprehensive nature of BelongMS has made it popular with users. The app boasts 4.9 and 4.8 ratings in the Google Play and the Apple Stores. By combining the connective fabric of a social network, the expertise of many healthcare professionals overseeing the network and providing access to the treatment management tools that every patient needs, BelongMS succeeds in creating a useful all-in-one tool for individuals and caregivers navigating MS.

Download BelongMS for free for Android or iOS and start Belonging today!

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