Carmen W






Kelowna, BC, Canada

Short Bio

In 2014 I was dx with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS). I have been quite private about my diagnosis while I continued to work full-time. Last June I decided to put myself and my health first and stopped working so I could focus on my fight against the progression of this disease. This was an extremely difficult decision as I was working in a position that I absolutely loved!  I am only now starting to find my ‘new normal’. I have participated in a clinical trial through the MS Clinic @ UBC over the past 5 yrs in order to access and receive (the only) medication that has been developed and approved for PPMS (Ocrilizumab).

I am a warrior and I will keep fighting and praying for an MS cure!

How did you find us?

MS News Website

How long have you or the person that you are caring for had MS?

8 yrs

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