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    • Hi Darlene,
      Wot a lot to deal with.
      We’re just MS Patients here so have no ability [or knowledge] to help with any sort of diagnosis. Saying that your boyfriends symptoms, shall we say, are not unlike MS ones. However even within MS the symptoms are so different between any of us. But it may well not be at all.
      GP’s are usually good at spotting MS [it’s not a rare condition!]. Mine worked it out in about ten mins.
      An MRI is exactly the right thing to do. It will show any sclerosis. A lumber puncture is needed to prove an MS diagnosis. It ain’t pleasant.
      Anyhoo welcome – loads of info, research & experiences
      on here.
      You can also start topics [please do] – my fellow
      moderator Ed Tobias explains ‘Posting Items’ at
      the top of each Forum.
      Cheers John

      • Hi Darlene,

        We’re glad you joined us in the forums. As John said, we’re not health care professionals but we can share our experiences as patients. I hope you’ll ask questions and share comments in some of our topic discussions and that the info here will help your boyfriend.


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