• Debbie posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    I have SPMS and experiencing issues with my arms and shoulders of late. I am a volunteer foster carer for seeing eye dogs. I am hoping there might be someone who knows about dog leads/harnesses that make it easier to walk a dog when you have reduced function.

    • Hi Debbie,

      You’re a wonderful person to do what you do. I use a harness called Easy Walker. You can find it, and similar items, on Amazon or with an Internet search. The important thing is that the dog is controlled by pressure on his chest, rather than pulling on his neck. I use my electric scooter to walk my Cocker Spaniel. I couldn’t do it without the scooter, so that’s something you might consider.


      • I lovd it. I give them a temporary home and socialization but the puppies give me so much more. Life with a puppy helps with my MS. Mental and physical stimulation…and lots of cuddles.
        We are provided with the Easy Walker…it does help stop the pup from pulling.
        An OT thought there were leads that went around your waist. I haven’t seen one.
          • Debbie,

            A a lead that goes around the walker’s waist that would scare me. You can drop one that you’re holding but a dog might pull you down if it was around your waist.

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