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  • Dr. Adrian Sohn posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    wow John, that’s quite a story.
    I’ve had MS for about 25 years, have much trouble walking, poor memory ( I had to retire 3 years ago because of this, trouble comprehending ( I can but not too well TV shows make sense after a while, sometimes , if they aren’t too complicated, my wife just goes ” well he said that to her and she was offended because bla bla bla” So this does suck but your story made it even more clear to me that we all have our battles to fight, and what I try to do is appreciate what I CAN do, and not focus on what I can’t do

    • Well Dr ta v. much.
      I presume u’re referring to my latest column ‘How I’m Staying on Top of MS’ Many ‘Gifts’.
      I’ve got 4 years worth of them – if u ever fancy a mooch. about: https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/author/john-connor/
      Re your forgetfulness.. TV quiz shows annoy me – as I may know the odd ans -. I just can’t retrieve it!
      A comic in the UK who i worked wish for some 10 years – is also one of the countries leafing quizzers. Is now a reg on such a TV show. And last summer reveled he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He was also a Dr till he gave it up for showbiz!
      Cheers John .
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