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  • steve replied to the topic When did you know something was wrong? What was your first MS symptom? in the forum Living With MS 1 year, 10 months ago

    I have a number of  the symptoms described for MS but not in a as severe a way as have some of the contributors I’ve come across on this and other websites. I have only been experiencing the symptoms for about 3 years and I understand the onset of more severe forms of MS is gradual in many cases (I’m 58).

    In order of severity, my symptoms are:
    increased clumsiness (repeatedly misjudging the same gap and hitting the door jamb or spilling food and drink)

    increased difficulty swallowing.  I often have tablets dissolving in my throat for several minutes.

    burning sensation in forearm lasting for a day or two

    sudden pain in forehead and sometimes leg like getting hit with an airgun pellet, which fades quite quickly

    flickering sensation in the right eye with some blurring

    yesterday, for the first time, I had very severe pain in my thumb joint and this morning I was awoken by the pain having spread to my forearm. all that pain has since subsided.
    I also had very stiff and painful knee joint this a.m. which went away when I started moving around.

    cognitive issues (particularly in comparing data in spreadsheets which I didn’t previously have problems with).

    I have had quite  a few unrelated health issues recently and I do intend to get tested as soon as I am clear of these (I have an operation in two days time) but I wondered if my symptoms are similar to those experienced by others?

    I’d be very grateful for any views.  I am well aware that compared to the majority of users of this site, my symptoms are relatively trivial but I am doing my best to find out as much as possible before yet another trip to the GP or hospital.

    Thank you,


    • Steve,

      I’m not a healthcare professional so I don’t want to even guess at what’s happening with you. Some of what you describe are similar to MS symptoms but, as I said earlier, they could also be other things.

      If you haven’t yet seen this website page you might want to take a look. It’s very good at describing MS:



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