• I have had a MS hives for three weeks. Seem to have been triggered by the heat and sun.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Haslie. Some of our MS medications can cause hives. Are you being treated with one and have you talked with your doctor or nurse about the problem?
    • Covid 19 has not changed my life. Except I wear a mask and gloves when I go out. And have done that for years during flu season and allergy season. I never do eating out because I am concerned about what I put in my body or attend inside events. I am photography of nature, love to fish, and that allows me to get out almost every day. I am 80…[Read more]

      • Sounds great. Fishing is also perfect for social distancing. The river bank these days is the only bank you don’t have to wear a mask in! Banks didn’t like that in the old days….
        • I wish everyone was as smart as you, Haslie.

          BTW, it’s nice to have another Old Timer here. I’ll be 72 next month and have been living with MS since 1980. “Living” is what it’s all about.


        • I have had MS for over 35 years and SPMS was my first diagnosed in 2010. I have not had the flu in over 40 years and no colds and I take no MS modifying drugs and get my flu and pneumonia shot every year and do all I can to boost my immune system and wear a mask and handwashing doing he flu season and I am a public person and thrive on hugs.

        • Spasms on the back of my head, neck and across my shoulders. Usually comes on after a day of being active in my power chair. Rest and relaxation help.

        • My family and my friends, especially my great grand kids. They bring out the best in me and inspire me to live the best life I can by doing whatever necessary to accomplish that. Be my best every day

        • Yes in 2010 with SPMS after about 30 years of symptoms and already in a power chair because of weakness in my arms and legs and balance. So when I got the diagnosed I had already been through the worse not knowing not being on any MS modifying drugs. Now at age 79 and I am doing fine with the symptoms I am having. About once or twice a year I get…[Read more]

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          • Hi Haslie,

            Welcome to the MS forums. We’d glad you joined and hope that you’ll share some comments on some of our discussions.


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