• Jeannie replied to the topic What mobility aid helps you to get around? in the forum Durable Medical Equipment 1 year, 10 months ago

    I just got an Alinker. You may have seen Selma Blair in photos or videos on one. I am able to walk for short periods, standing is hard. I am trying to build strength and it was appealing to me because it allows me to use my legs without the weight on them. I really wanted to be able to do things like walk my dogs, go to museums, shopping, etc. I am hoping it will give me more independence. So far, it has been very hot here in Nashville and using it outside has only happened a couple of times. The dogs love it! We went to the museum and it was fantastic on the hard surfaces. The carpet took a bit more work. We are going to Chicago in a week and I am very excited to use it there.  I have found that the slightest hill takes some work, but flat surfaces make me feel like I am flying. It folds up easily and only weighs 26 lobs. and is the same footprint as a wheelchair.

    • Hi Jeannie,

      I’ve thought about the Aliniker myself. The question is, do I put my cash toward it or to replacing my old Bioness L300 with the new model, the L300 go?

      Let us know how it goes in Chicago.


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