• Hi all,

    Firstly I must apologise, its taken a long time to get my head around my situation, and there have been many uncertainties and developments since 2019. An update on things if I may….

    I started on Copaxone for 6 months (until the summer 2020), In that time I didn’t experience any further issues or irritation or the symptoms of MS I…[Read more]

  • Hi Nicholas, this is really inspiring thank you so much.

  • Hi John, thanks for this I appreciate it, I am due to go on a holiday, and then when I return, I will be meeting the MS Nurse.

    A friend mentioned Stem Cell to me – but apparently that is the last resort the Dr advised? (probably due to the cost!)

    I kind of thought I was ok, and I didn’t feel any symptoms, or attacks, since feb. the only one…[Read more]

  • Good Day all,

    Again I appreciate all of the support and comments, and I apologise for not responding, its taken so long to get progress at the hospital, a change of consultant, more scans, lumber punctures, however I am finally at a stage, where I am now advised I qualify for DMD, they want to start me on Copaxone, and yet more MRI’s I…[Read more]

    • Hi Jono,

      Thanks very much for letting us all know how things are going for you. I’m sorry that you’ve been having problems but I’m glad that you’re starting on a DMD. In my opinion, that’s the best thing you can do to try to reduce your flares and slow the progression of your MS. I was treated with Avonex, years ago, which also required…[Read more]

  • Afternoon, I do appreciate all advice, I am at hospital tomorrow, I will spend some time replying, apologies its been a difficult time…….. thank you again.

  • Good day to you all,

    Firstly, I think everyone of you are strong, brave and inspirational after reading some of the topics, articles, posts on here,

    Following 6 months of unknowns – In Feb 19 –

    I was rushed into hospital following a Dr visit, as they thought I had GBS (loss of feeling and numbness in lower section), but following tests, spinal…[Read more]

    • Hi Jono,

      Let me join John in welcoming you to the MS forums and I agree with much of what he has written. Many neurologists are turning away from the take-it-slow approach and favoring hitting MS quickly and with the most effective treatment possible. There is research that backs up this approach. With this disease, however, each person is a…[Read more]

  • Jono became a registered member 3 years, 11 months ago

    • Hi Jono welcome mate – yes I’m a Londoner! There’s an awful lot of topics on the Forum and if what u want covered isn’t here – you can start your own. Either me or my co-moderator Ed Tobias will always reply to get the issue going. Cheers.

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