• Jono started the topic Newly Diagnosed – Advice welcomed. in the forum Living With MS 2 years, 2 months ago

    Good day to you all,

    Firstly, I think everyone of you are strong, brave and inspirational after reading some of the topics, articles, posts on here,

    Following 6 months of unknowns – In Feb 19 –

    I was rushed into hospital following a Dr visit, as they thought I had GBS (loss of feeling and numbness in lower section), but following tests, spinal tap, it was inconclusive, and I was sent home. Since then I have had episodes – numbness and trickling down face sensation (usually after I exercise), and drop foot on one or two occasions after sitting in one location. All my checks came back ok.

    Until my brain scan – advised on lesion of c3 cord, and signals of abnormality, some periventricular – but none were brainstem or cerebellar, but the Dr concluded these are the first clinical manifestations of MS.

    I am about to venture into the unknown, my consultant, is advising on a course of disease modifying drugs, I couldn’t really understand everything he said to be honest. other then the drugs may have some adverse effects, itching, memory loss, depression etc……

    As a single father – turned 40, devoted to his 5 year old daughter, and C-Level (Director) Career, I am worried about this my life, how it will play out, my career, there are so many unknowns, I guess I am looking for answers, and asking for some support or responses to what to expect, what to change or do, what diet to follow, all advice is greatly appreciated.

    I read all about Montell Jordan’s Keto and fitness diet. Any books recommendations of medicine, and has anyone actually become symptom free, lastly but most important, the impact on my daughter.

    I have been diagnosed for 1 month now, at present all I feel is tingling, or a weakness in my fingers, and possibly tiredness. I have not had an ‘attack’ for over 2 months now.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and yes admittedly I am scared, and it’s taken a month to write something……


    • Hi Jono,

      Let me join John in welcoming you to the MS forums and I agree with much of what he has written. Many neurologists are turning away from the take-it-slow approach and favoring hitting MS quickly and with the most effective treatment possible. There is research that backs up this approach. With this disease, however, each person is a bit different and so the selection of a treatment needs to take many factors into consideration. I wrote about this last month:

      Some Neuros Make DMT Choice Harder than It Should Be

      About your future….all that I can tell you is that I was diagnosed in 1980 at age 32. I worked, full-time at high stress positions in the news media, until retiring at the end of 2012. I’ve traveled the world, for business and pleasure, and still do. And I’ll be glad to brag about my two grandkids anytime.

      Life isn’t about hiding from the storm. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.



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