• Nancy Bergstrom replied to the topic Do you ever experience spine pain? in the forum Living With MS 2 years, 5 months ago

    My main pain is on my spine or just to the right of it around the bra line or at lower ribs.  It is where my spinal lesion is located and I have this pain all of the time.  I try to stretch and massage.  If it really bugs me at night, I put on a lidocaine patch – just about the size of a small yellow sticky – right on the center of the pain.  Even with such a small patch, the lidocaine really helps, but can only be worn for 12 hours.  I also tend to sleep on my right side and crunch up blankets or a pillow to get some relief.  But this pain is my constant friend, with me for over 20 years.  A few years before I had any symptoms that led to MS DX, docs thought it was gallbladder pain due the the stones I had, so my gallbladder was removed.  The pain just got worse.  A number of years later, I finally had an MRI of my entire spine, and then the pain made sense.

    • Nancy,

      I’m sorry that your diagnosis took so long and that you have pain that just won’t go away. But I’m glad that you found some relief with the patch. I know that some folks use CBD oil on painful areas, so you might want to consider giving that a try.


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