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    Really unsure of how this Forum business works – plenty of possible entry points but nothing much happens.
    Hope this is now working.

    In reply to Ed,
    My “artificial muscle” is a strap of rubber (“Theraband”) which is attached at my wast belt at the back, loops down under my foot under tension and back to my belt at the front. This rubber strap has…[Read more]

    • Hi Paul,

      It looks as if you figured out how to make things work, both with the forums and with your foot drop!

      Thanks for all of the detail. Interestingly, your concept is similar to something that I tested about two years ago. It’s called a NewGait and it was created by an engineer in California and a physical therapist in Michigan. Here the…[Read more]

  • I am 78 and have had MS for 10 years. I have mainly left foot (and leg) drop and fatigue.

    I have devised a cheap and simple, but very effective, “artificial muscle”. This allows me to walk with reasonable confidence whereas before I could only manage a clumsy, unpredictable shuffle.

    Doctors and physios are most impressed and suggest I should…[Read more]

    • Wow, Paul. I’ll be 71 next week and I thought I was the geezer in the group. Guess you have me beat. On the other hand, I’ve had MS for 39 years.

      Left foot drop and fatigue here, too, so I’d sure like to hear more about what you’ve come up with to improve your shuffling.


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    • G’Day, Paul –

      Welcome to the MS forums. We hope you’ll find useful information and will join in some of our topic discussions.


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