• Peg posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    @ed-tobias Hey Ed – hope all’s well. Wondering if you have thoughts about the report described here recently from Neurology: Effects of High and Low Efficacy Therapy in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis…describing no longterm advantage with heavier meds in reducing MS disability progression. That seems like big bad news for a lot of us. Appreciate your viewpoints as always!

    • Hi Peg,

      I’m a believer in the hit it early, hit it hard philosophy of MS treatment. Based on my personal experience, I don’t believe this study. As you may know, I’ve had MS for 40 years. In December of 2016 I started treatment with Lemtrada…probably the heaviest of the heavy DMTs. At the time my MS was considered to be inactive SPMS. I think the treatment has held my MS at bay and may have improved some symptoms, slightly. I’ve read anecdotal evidence from others who’ve had similar results. Maybe we’re the exceptions to the rule, but this person with MS wouldn’t eliminate the idea of high efficacy DMTs for anyone, regardless of their disease classification. Ed

        • Hey Ed—Many thanks for your fast response—you rock! Also glad you’ve done well w/Lemtrada. My ritux experience has been mixed, likely that’s why this report sparked attention. Hope to ask my neuro about it when we talk next (and glad to share whatever I hear.). Meantime all best.

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