• I don’t suffer from spasticity, but I’ve tried CBD and THC infused products . I wasn’t someone who used cannabis products before this and didn’t feel a difference after trying the infused products at all. I’m curious to see what other studies come out about this.

    -Rochelle, MS Patient

  • Hi Marta,

    Hmmmm. I’m starting to learn that with my symptoms, there isn’t always an answer.
    Or any rhyme or reason. So I’m learning to work with the ebbs and flows. The smallest changes make a big difference. With my legs, I can walk 10 km on an even surface but I can’t walk even 500 m if it’s an incline.

    One of our columnists wrote about…[Read more]

  • Hi Marta,

    I was just diagnosed last year at 44, but I wonder about the heavy legs that have bothered me since I was in my teens. When I was about 9, I lost all feeling in both legs and couldn’t walk. It lasted about 8 hours. That MIGHT have been my isolated incident. My pediatrician made a note to watch for Guillain Barre as I got older. I used…[Read more]

  • I started doing more cardio. Thankfully, I’m able to most days. Bike riding and walking mostly.

    I’ve also started the Wahls diet, which is going to be hard for me (I love sweets and snacks!!). But between these two things, loads of vitamin D (5000 units/day), and DMT, I’m finding the fatigue doesn’t hit as hard or last as long.

    -Rochelle, MS Patient

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for the welcome and the links!

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      • Hi Rochelle,
        Rochelle is a writer, see. She composes her biog in the third person. It threw me off initially, being primarily a first person writer an all. Now, I’ve got a headache!
        Apologies, years of being a satirist are hard to shake…
        Anyway, welcome – loads of info, research &
        experiences on here.
        You can also start topics – my fel…

        [Read more]

        • Hi John,

          Thanks for the welcome and the links!

          • Hey John –

            Just so you know, Rochelle is one of four people with MS who are “Social Media Collaborators” on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites. She adds a lot to the conversations there.


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