• Rose Flaherty became a registered member 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    • Hi Rose,
      Welcome – loads of info, research & experiences on here.
      You can also start topics – my fellow
      moderator Ed explains ‘Posting Items’ at the top of each Forum.
      Cheers John
      • Hi Rose,

        Let me add my welcome to John’s. I’ll be heading your way in a couple of weeks (to Punta Gorda) for three months. Yes, a snow-birder. Please keep the weather sunny and warm for me, ok?


        • Thank you so much ED ..No worries about the weather here as we Floridians are thinking winter is going to pass us by like last year!!!
          Enjoy your trip u will only be 20 mins from Cape Coral!!
            • Oh, I know how close we are to Cape Coral. This will be our fourth winter in the little bit of paradise called Punta Gorda Isles. Years ago the heat bothered my MS more than cold. Now cold is much worse for me, so I can’t wait to escape.
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