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  • ela became a registered member 1 year, 6 months ago

    • Hi Ela welcome to the MS Forum. My fellow Moderator explains how to ask/answer questions at the top of the Welcome Forum. I though have a question for you. I thought the incidence of MS in hot countries like Iran is minuscule – is this not true? As a medical professional I’d thought I’d ask. Cheers [though I realise a drinking reference is perhaps culturally inappropriate but I’ve decided not to change my usual sign off as that might be deemed patronizing. I can’t win!] John
        • Hi John
          Thank you for your welcome
          In Iran, about 72,000 people have the disease.
          And you’re right, there are fewer cases of infection in Iran than in European and American countries,
          but of course Iran is not a warm country 😉
            • Hi Ela Well I humbly apologise for thinking Iran was a hot county. If only I owned a Sharpie pen I’d find a way to prove it! Just spitballing here but a map of Iran with a great big sun drawn on it…..
                • OK
                  You’re right
                  Shown on map with sun,
                  No problem dear ☺️
                  But Iran is cold in winter and warm in summer and very pleasant in autumn and spring
                  and it’s not always warm.

                  I explained To learn more about Iran 😊

                  Thank you for your attention to this matter 😊

                    • HI Ela I’ve been a working satirist for 30 years – not something that’s prevalent in your country. If your internet allows it – look up ‘Sharpiegate’. It’s OK – in this case I think your government would appreciate my dig at the American President. Cheers John
                    • Hi John
                      I have no interest in politics
                      and I don’t have much skill in it because my field of study is something else.
                      So I am not allowed to discuss this.
                      However I will gladly check
                      at the earliest opportunity .
                      Thank you 😊
                • Hello Ela,

                  I’d like to join John in welcoming you to the MS forums. I hope you find useful information here. Please let me know if I can help you find your way around this site.


                  • Hello Ed
                    Thank you for your welcome
                    thanks for your attention
                    And I’m so glad to be a member of this community
                    And I certainly make the most of your information

                    Thanks a lot 🌹

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