• Yes i did see her, beautiful girl. I plan on trying to follow her to the best i can. I myself was diagnosed in ’08. I started with a can but as this monster progessed the need for a wheelie walker was needed because I’d rather be safe then broken up. You sometimes learn lessons the hard way. Blessings to All

    • Nancy,

      Safe is, indeed, better than broken up. That’s why I began using a cane, many years ago, and now use two.

      What I don’t understand is how in the world she managed to walk, at all, without tripping over that flowing gown she was wearing :-).


  • I got in touch with the Multiple Sclerosis Society in your area and the were Very helpful with the whole thing. The even have assistance with the cost of everything. I had to get a evaluation done to see which equipment was best suited for my car. Then had to do like a driving school,test drive  with the hand controls .The had to get to DMV for…[Read more]

  • Was wondering how much Biotin does everyone take if any at all. Saw a few post were people were taken these. I take Baclofen 10 MG at night for left leg spastic  which is to early to tell if it’ working. I also have mild Vertigo. I have taken a full dose of Ocreves in March.  No improvement seen as yet but will know better in July after the M…[Read more]

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