• Trish Testrow became a registered member 1 month, 1 week ago

    • Hi Trish,

      Welcome – loads of info, research & experiences on here.

      Your current predicament sounds like a typical medical Catch-22 [which was the original literary satire]! You don’t fit the normal course of MS – yet in the real world MS is different for all of us. The latest modus operandi is that MS should be tackled with Disease Modifying Treatments [DMT’s] as early as possible!

      I’m sure you’ve raised hell – you need to raise more. I know nothing about the Australian Support System – if you have a national MS Society contact them for help [though you probably have already].

      There’s a lot of info/resources on here.

      If you think it’s appropriate I’m more than happy to see what help I can elicit from the forum – or even try to write a patient column about your situation after the holidays. My fellow moderator Ed Tobias is a proper journalist so we already have access to someone who knows investigative journalism.

      Cheers John

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