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I have progressive MS. I have tried to get diagnosed for over 10 years. They told me I had fibromyalgia. I keep telling them it is MS. After a MRI this year, and barely able to walk into the doctor’s office to see the Nurse Pratisioner. I could barely speak, almost feel getting into the chair. They decided to look at my records. My next visit, the nurse asked me if I had seen my brain scan. She said she had seen 5 others in the last week with MS new diagnosis. She told me this was the worse scan for lesions and that I had to have had this sense my twenties. Thinking back, I would get flu like symptoms and then a period of leg pain blurred eyes and other stuff. I started looking for help when I started getting shock like feelings down my back. The nero I seen said he didn’t know what it was and that was that. I was 30 years old. I have 4 grown kids, with a lot of grand kids. It has been hard on me this last two years. I lost my sister and my mom took her pain out on me the day after.. I thought I had a nervous break down. I would not stop shaking and stayed in bed for almost a month. Now I know it was MS. I was so happy to finally get a diagnosis and then, I broke down and cried…………

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about 38 years

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