• Micki replied to the topic Do you take any Vitamin B supplements? in the forum Alternative Treatments 5 months ago

    I have been taking biotin for about 6 months.   Not sure I’ve noticed a difference but, this question got me to thinking and I did some research.   I’m wondering if I’m taking enough.   Question I will be asking my trusted doctor’s nurse today.

    Having said that – one of the things its suppose to assist is energy.   I don’t know about anyone else but, this winter has been a beast.  I live in NC and we’ve had cloudy, rainy, weepy, cold days for weeks now.   Today is suppose to be sunny but really cold.   Hoping this is the last of it.   We had a couple of days last week where we were able to open the doors and it was wonderful.    I guess my point is – maybe this question should be asked in a month or so down the road.   Everyone I talk to, MS or no, has really been in a funk.    Hoping good old natural Vit D coming from the sky instead of a pill will help.

    • Micki,

      Over the years I’ve found that I can handle heat better than cold. Cold and damp weather really makes my legs stiff, not to mention the job that it does on my psyche. That’s why I’m so glad we’re able to spend three months in Florida in the winter.

      On CBD…I’ve just started trying a topical CBD spray. I’ve just used it for two nights but it seems to ease my muscle pain a little and, amazingly, it may have an impact on my nighttime leg cramps. Stay tuned.



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