• Micki started the topic Sometimes you just have to laugh in the forum Living With MS 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    Last night or early this morning – who knows – it was dark.   I got up to take one of those bathroom breaks we all know and love.   Got back in bed and just as I was nodding off – yep – muscle spasm.   My left arm and down my side.   My arm was lying peacefully on my pillow and took off with a life of its own.   Lifted off the pillow, charged toward my face and stuck my thumb in my eye.

    Now, having your body attack you is not unfamiliar to any of us.   But, this was so personal.   I layed in pain, eye tearing and simply started to laugh.   What else can you do?   And, decided that I was very grateful that it was me (I??) that got hit in my eye instead of little Yorkie who was sleeping peacefully on my husband’s pillow next to me.

    Pain wandered away and I began to nod off again – be very careful what you think around MS.   Yep – same scenario, left arm taking on life of its own but, this time???    Yep, hit the dog.     Ya gotta laugh.





    • You’re right, Micki. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

      I get cramps in my foot and calf a lot in bed, usually the left side, but I’m not attacking any of my bed partners – wife, dog, cat. I’m sure I’d be relegated to the guest bedroom if any of them were assaulted.

      Anyone else have a laughable story to tell?


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