• Micki started the topic Heat Wave: May 2019 in the forum Living With MS 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    I’m sure many of you are NOT enjoying this heat.  I live in Asheville, NC and it is really bad.    Just a little curious.    I went to the grocery store yesterday – spent a few minutes in a hot car and in the parking lot.   Total of, maybe 15 minutes?    Exhausted and going out for dinner so took an extra Ritalin.   Then no sleep last night.    Now, with that background.    Today very wobbly – Just not really stable.    Does this sound familiar to anyone?    I’m now associating heat with symptoms and would like to know symptoms you’ve noticed after getting overheated.     Thanks,

    • The heat used to effect me badly. I love summer, and the swimming pool, but if I was out in the heat too long my legs would turn to jelly. But as I grew older the heat effected me less and the cold effected me more, particularly my bladder. So, I’ll take the heat over the cold anytime.


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