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  • Micki started the topic Sudden brain fog in the forum Living With MS 11 months ago

    Incident yesterday.    Getting ready to leave house but had to make a couple of phone calls.    Hair salon app’t – lady answered and I could not get my question out – could barely remember my stylists name (good friend for 10 years) and basically couldn’t talk.    I know she thought I was drunk.  But I could not get my brain to function.    Felt like I was out of body – really weird.

    Walked into bathroom and was so weak I laid on the floor.    Finally moved and decided to eat an apple.   Had not eaten that morning and not really the night before (probably need to know that).    After apple felt better but still not “with it”.

    I hate to run right to the MS route/cause and really hoping it was a lack of nutrition.    But, if anyone has felt this I’d sure like to know.       Thank you,    Micki Batte





    • I haven’t had that bad an experience but I can, very occasionally, feel weak enough to have to lie on the floor. Usually it’s the result of dehydration. However, if this is new to you I’d certainly ring up your neuro and mention it.


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