• Paula Mieczkowski posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Certainly feel for you. Frustration is the worst of any infection. When I feel the awful signs of an UTI the bladder spasticity start with a vengeance. If I could double up in pain I surely would. Myrbetriq (sp) helps tremendously and immediately. Antibiotics help too, however they also come with side effects. Side effects aren’t worth it. To address this issue I cut the antibiotics in half, take the halves as a prophylactic. Start out with one whole pill then follow 3-4 days with just a half. Then throughout the the shelf life of the antibiotic, a uti flares up I just take a half tablet. Self cath 4-5 times a day. This leads to infection every time you insert a foreign body into yours. Yes, they are sterile. This past summer on the patio playing cards I decided to splurge and drink a beer. Not a drinker, however it was ice cold and hit the spot.lol. After that, of course the urine was on.lol Then it was cath more than usual. Probably 5 times. The month ended, time to reorder catheters. Medicare will only pay for so many a moth! Don’t urinate more than your mandated number of times. Ok that’s a whole other can of worms. Love your posts. Ok everyone keep on keeping on. Cheers

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