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Sharon Sandoval-Starr

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Oxnard, California



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I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 38, almost 20 years ago. I have been through numerous relapses – was dx with RR, but have progressed to PPMS approximately 4-5 years ago. I have had many falls, stumbles, search for words in my head, leg pain, trigeminol neuralgia, migraine headaches, severe depression with suicidal ideations, but realize I cannot take my own life until my beloved Mama (86) passes, as I realize my suicide would break her heart, and most likely would follow me in death shortly after taking my life. I love my Mama with all of my heart, thus cannot seriously think about taking my life until she is gone. I have been living with chronic nausea for approximately 4 years, and have recently been diagnosed with constipation mostly due to pareses of gastric system, and increased need for opioids because leg and back pain are sometimes off the chart as far as pain is concerned. Nonetheless, I have decreased my opioid use significantly, will be having surgery soon to implant pain stimulation device – hoping that the distraction from the pain device will in time lead to zero use of opioids. I was told by a UCLA gastro specialist that my chronic nausea is due to the fact that I am having trouble pooping! He said nausea was most likely caused by lack of passing stool on a regular basis, thus poisoning my system. I have tried many different supplements including Miralax, Magnesium, Poop like a Champion, Senakot, Pepto Bismol, Metamucil, etc….and am currently using Movantik, but unsure if it is helping just yet as I have been taking it just under a month. I am back to using Miralax everyday, and I think I am seeing a little improvement, but still struggle every morning with severe nausea, stomach cramps, and stomach pain. I have yet to find the “sweet spot” that will help me to defecate like a normal person so I can get over the chronic nausea that has changed my life in a very bad way. I am desperate to find a resolution to this problem that I wouldn’t wish on anyone! I am pretty much isolating everyday because it is too difficult to be motivated to get out of bed because I wake up everyday nauseated, and most days nausea lasts til 8-9 p.m. when I can finally ingest a meal. Don’t know what to do about this issue, so my question to whomever may be reading this is if you have had constipation in relation to MS, what have you done to stabilize this condition? I am so afraid that I will be in quarantine for the rest of my life as this problem has changed my life inn such a horrible way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Wishing everyone well.


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19.5 years

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