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  • taoist

    December 3, 2018 at 11:16 am in reply to: Cannabinoids Use for Multiple Sclerosis: An Expert’s View

    Yes, I have tried. Tried is the word.

    I would recommend to stay away from Sativex or similar Pharma products. If you must, use natural detoxified CBD (BIO products of course and not from BAYER & Co). THC is not good for MS. It’s nice if you really need to go on a trip, but nope, stay away from too much THC. CBD oil, yes. Because the majority of countries are unfriendly towards CBD/THC I don’t understand why this question. Unless all countries approve on the matter there is no need to get into exciting debates if it’s good or bad, because those in need for it CAN’T GET IT. That’s the point. End of story.