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  • Jonathan White

    May 2, 2018 at 7:39 am in reply to: My pets brighten my day! What about yours ?

    ok so I have two cats that generally ignore me, my wife feeds than and it also may have something to do with me standing on one of the cats tails some years back – it was an accident. Build a bridge and get over it!!

    Recently due to 18 months of pressure from my 11 year old daughter we bought a dog, well a shih Tzu puppy. I was worried that my lack of balance and mobility would be a hindrance..and all the care would fall to my wife. Well generally the care does fall to my wife, but I am chief play master and that I can do, kneeling or lying on the floor, admittedly my hand does now look like I self harm, but a small price to pay for the absolute love and affection that is returned by the dog.  Every morning she is now placed on my bed (too small to get up on her own) and she licks me continually to wake up… a delight to be woken like that.. taking her for a walk may be an issue but I am working on that, getting her used to my mobility scooter.


    We have only had her for four months but its hard to think of life without her there are issues but to be honest not half as bad as I thought.

  • Jonathan White

    April 23, 2018 at 10:39 am in reply to: Have once simple tasks become a challenge because of MS?

    luckily I still shower daily


    It is getting harder and different.

    I too have a shower over a bath. the bath sides really do seem to have grown!

    The days of hoping in are long gone. I have a bath chair, well really its just a few lengths of plastic that fit across the bath which I can use to sit on and then turn 90 degrees pulling me legs over and into the bath or if I am feeling really strong I use the hand grab rail to pull myself in and constantly hold onto it as balance is an isue


  • Jonathan White

    April 13, 2018 at 10:02 am in reply to: Walking the dog

    ok, just bought a Kymco Agility in the hope that I can walk our new puppy as Foot drop and balance now make walking impossible.

    Good to hear other people use scooters for dog walking