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      Valerie Taylor

      I was Dx in 2003 with RRMS. Was on Copaxone for 1 year and then got pregnant and had to take a break. I started back on Copaxone late 2005 for 5 years. Life got to me and I couldn’t deal with daily injections so was off DMT until now. I’ve had 2 relapses this year and am going to go back on DMT. My main struggle now is with cognition. I am trying to decide between Tecfidera and Ocrevus. I am leaning towards the Ocrevus but heard that there is an increased risk of breast cancer. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. Anyone have any insight on this or or other comments? Thank you!

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      Brad Thomas

      I was on Tecfidera for roughly 6 months last year. It was my first DMT. While I didn’t have any side effects, and I felt fairly normal, I had several new lesions and a flare up earlier this spring.

      My Neurologist advised to switch to Ocrevus, even with this Pandemic in full-swing, and I just finished the second-half of the first dose two weeks ago.

      Cognition has also been a problem for me over the last few months, but I seem to be able to think and able to speak more clearly already.

      I am also semi practicing the Wahl’s Protocol, where I don’t eat Wheat, avoid dairy and eggs, and eat a lot of sulfur. I take about 6K iu of Vitamin D a day.

      So I don’t know if it’s the Ocrevus, if it’s the diet, if it’s just simply trying not to get too stressed out about things or what, but I feel like I am on the right track. I still don’t feel great, so time will tell if the Ocrevus really is helping or at least slowing the disease.

      I hope this helps with your decision. Good luck to you!

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