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      Because of the critical role the brain plays in multiple sclerosis (MS), many experts are placing a heavy emphasis on what can be done to keep the brain as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. This new focus on brain health is part of a larger perspective called brain preservation, and it has both experts and people living with MS talking. Click here to find out what they’re saying.

      Do you do anything to exercise your brain and/or support its overall health?

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      John Connor

      There’s a lot to unpick here.

      Have read a lot of contrary evidence. So much in fact that have had to leap to what is hopefully solid net sources to try and piece it together.

      First ‘Brain Training’ games etc is looking more like a way of flogging Apps that is meaningless. If you get fun out of them fair enough  but that is probably it!

      Then there is this – ‘Bilingual brains are more resilient to dementia cause by Alzheimer’s disease’.  Because of connectivity in the brain there is more protection. Pretty sure that if you’re trilingual [or more] it is even better!

      Now I have this to add to the mix. I can’t speak any language but rudimentary German. Mind you if I try and ask for a beer in a French bar – if not careful the German comes out. Too many beers and I have to hope they are at least  good European Union citizens. My mother was Austrian but stopped teaching me German before I went to school so I wouldn’t be bullied. It was the early ’60s – the war was still fresh.

      However it looks like writing comedy professionally might have a similar effect as learning a language, It seems our brains become wired differently .

      So here’s a joke I wrote about football many years ago that fits. As I work in satire it’s far too old to ever get an outing again. But hey it fits the zeitgeist – it’s being recycled!

      Roy Hodgson was the manager of England and as he had previously worked all over Europe he spoke five languages. Scouser [Liverpool] Wayne Rooney was his star player. Unfortunately for Hodgson though he spoke five languages none of them was Rooney!


Viewing 1 reply thread
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