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      John Connor

      For any of us with mobility issues – which must be nearly all of us – putting on weight is a problem. Up to a few years ago I did wheelchair tennis so at least I was getting a good cardio-vascular workout – though you’re sitting down it’s probably more energetic than regular tennis! So I’ve put on weight – for a while it just got worse. How do you cheer yourself up when  you can’t do anything? For me it was sweet popcorn & a streamed movie. So I cut that out and have tried a bit to stabilize. I’ve also accepted there’s little chance of going back – so the solution has been to buy clothes that fit! And wonder of wonders – it turns out that I’m not quite as fat as I thought! Some of the trousers need a secure belting. Clothes that fit – what a relief! Anyone else struggled with this?

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      John, your amazing playing tennis in a wheelchair. I have no desire to do much of anything. The I want to become more intelligent switch has not come on with all my spare time.

      All my life I was skinny, since MS I have put on weight. I just spent the last year getting a new wardrobe via Aliexpress, what fun I had. I don’t look good naked now lol. Well that’s what I think, and when I was skinny I thought I didn’t look good naked either lol. Can’t win. Lucky I am single or it will be lights out.

      So it’s elastic waist for everything, nice and compy.

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      John Connor

      Hi Jilleen. Ta for replying. There’s a difference between us. I definitely know I don’t look good naked – I just still think I do!!! Found a company called Big Dude Clothing from an online ad and they seem to have good gear. My 23 year old son even commented positively on a pair of trousers  I was trying out. Mind you he tends to acquire items of mine he ‘likes’. It’s the only thing I’ve got in common with David Beckham!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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