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      Debi Wilson

       How have your MS symptoms changed over the years? How Have they changed?

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      In 2012 I couldn’t walk properly, like not being able to lift my foot. It looked like a silly walk. My PPMS has moved up my left leg to my hip since 2012. Also it’s affected my bowel and bladder, got to get to the loo fast which is not possible with MS lol. I know it’s in my brain but I keep saying the MS has taken my knee or my hip, foot drop since the beginning. It’s weird to know that something is eating a part of my brain.

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      I used to walk in the year 1996 and hunt ride motorcycles very good and even run but I new I was slowing down because I was falling down all the time and getting mad at myself for being clumsy.I could not believe what was happening to me, about the year 2010 I was to the point of needing help to walk a few steps and using a walker and I hated it and then nine years later here I am in a damn wheelchair and barely getting up to go to the bathroom and to bed I am sorry but I am getting sick of it. I hate my life, I need all this crap just to go on with life I love my family that sticks by me but I hate that I am such a burden on them especially  my wife now we need a van to get my butt around and never enough money to do it so now we need to beg for help again I’m tired of it just tired of MS and what it has done to me and my family.I’m sorry folks but I needed to let that out, I am also fighting depression and I do not want to drink or take drugs to help it I have lost to many fiends and family with that.

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      Debi Wilson

      Sorry, Jilly and Steven.

      Im glad you were able to vent Steven, we all need to do that sometimes. MS is a very frustrating disease, that is for sure. I’m glad  you have such great family support!


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