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  • How Occupational Therapy Is Improving My MS Home Life

    Posted by MS News Today Moderator on April 15, 2018 at 9:36 am

    In this column, Multiple Sclerosis News Today patient and writer, Mike Knight, talks about occupational therapy and how it’s helped his MS:

    It is noon on Wednesday, and I am sitting in a chair in our living room. My wife holds two books against my hips, one on either side, while Stefani, my occupational therapist, measures the width — measuring me for a wheelchair. Like a lot of people with MS, I’m betting, it is a circumstance I never envisioned. But it is increasingly one I not only accept but also have occasionally begun to embrace. Walking is becoming so hard.

    “But that day is not today.

    “Instead, Stefani has come to our house to help prepare us for a future with MS. She’s measured our doorways to see if a standard-width wheelchair will readily pass through them. Our 90-year-old home means most are either too narrow or very close — but at least we know now. In the face of an incurable disease whose progression refuses to be predicted, having a sense of the future feels reassuring.

    “It’s an incredibly timely service. I was diagnosed in 2013 at age 53, a little late compared to most people with MS, who are diagnosed between the ages of 30 and 50, but I’m late to everything anyway. Like a lot of people who manage the disease at this stage in their lives, it comes at a particularly challenging time.”

    Read Mike’s full column: “‘OT’ in the House: Occupational Therapy Is Improving My MS Home Life

    Have you ever tried ocupational therapy? Have you found it useful? Share your experience below.


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