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      Mary Hofer

      Hi to the forum, and I’m a newbie here although not new to MS (d/xed in 2007 with RRMS).  Now in the SPMS phase of life with the MonSter.

      I am an expat from Cali, living in Europe with my DH.

      Looking forward to ”meeting” you 🙂


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      Mary Hofer

      Disappointing – less so the ”overwhelming” number of responses, but the fact that I cannot find a way to report the (likely) spam oriented PM I got in response to my intro post.

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      John Connor

      Hi Mary

      I’m one one of the moderators on this MS Forum [the other is Ed Tobias].

      We always welcome [WELCOME!] new members – we just don’t work weekends!

      Slightly concerned about any spam you got! I’ve been doing this for a while and never seen a report like this before. Please let me/us know and we’ll let loose our in-house tech wizard.

      In the meantime u’ve already mastered how to post items.

      Cheers John

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      Mary Hofer

      Many thanks, John – I appreciate it!

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      Collette Randall

      Hi Mary! Nice to meet you on this forum. Have a nice experience!

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      Stephen Kent

      Hello. My name is Steve. I’ve had MS for about 15 years. I worked at the Postal Service as Tour Superintendent then as a clerk. I took an early retirement and moved with my family to the beautiful state of Tennessee where we purchased a home with 42 acres of land. We already owned in upstate NY 12 alpacas. They were moved south to a well fenced area with a nice barn. We added 10 Tennessee Walking horses. Next 40 Tennessee nervous (fainting) goats. We had a great time giving tours of our ranch. It was extremely popular. Then one day I was working on our ranch and was suddenly struck by pain in my legs. I made it back to the house and after weeks, months of doctor visits my neurologist finally decided on a spinal tap. The results was the final proof. It was definitely MS. I had many injections. Then a cure was offered. I went upstate, took the cure.Within minutes a became weak and hot. The neurologist said it’s jus not for you. Then a pill came out. I took that pill and felt much better. Now today I reside in a Nursing Home. I stay in my bed or get up in my wheelchair. I can’t walk but I watch TV, read books. Pandemic has us on lockdown. The hardest thing is to remain calm. Thanks for letting me join this group.

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