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      John Connor

      Our news section just published this article.

      It works through a method called the modified Story Memory Technique (mSMT).

      As a service I wanted to know how you actually do it and the best I have discovered is the below:

      The Link and Story Methods

      Remembering a Simple List

      The Link & Story Methods - Remembering a Simple List

      © Veer
      Pakhnyushchyy Vitaliy

      Create a colourful story and remember more.

      The Link Method is one of the easiest mnemonic techniques available. You use it by making simple associations between items in a list, linking them with a vivid image containing the items.

      Taking the first image, create a connection between it and the next item (perhaps in your mind smashing them together, putting one on top of the other, or suchlike.) Then move on through the list linking each item with the next.

      The Story Method is very similar, linking items together with a memorable story featuring them. The flow of the story and the strength of the images give you the cues for retrieval’.

      Hi – me again.

      Sounds a bit like Sherlock Holmes’ ‘Mind Palace’.

      I forget words all the time – which is a tad iffy for a writer. It could well be MS or age [or both]. The only trouble is this also happened whenever I wrote – the only difference now is that I can track words down via the net rather than slog my way through an unwieldy Roget’s, yes I had [have somewhere] the mega version.

      Any of you think a new technique of memory learning would be helpful?


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