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      I am sorry to disturb you
      I have a simple question
      I was wondering if you knew
      the location of the button…

      In just a short two weeks
      I have to know
      where it is located…

      The reverse button
      the one you press to put back the pieces
      of my life
      after the scanner’s magnet
      jumbles it,
      beyond recognition…
      ~ Author Anon…

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      LADY JILLY – a poem by Conrad 2013

      Jilly has a beautiful soul, strength of character like no other
      Jilly cares in ways like no other
      Jilly has a sense of humour like no other
      All of this sounds just like “mother”, please don’t get me wrong
      Giving time and time again seeks little in return, if naught
      Loyal to a fault, not her fault, a trait
      Knows how big, big is, makes me small pathetic even, at times
      Simple fare, delicious, lick the plate, chocolate sprinkles
      If married not divorced but once but every other day
      Called me “tough old bugger”, compliment I thought, I now repay
      When love comes calling no flowers thank you, bread for the birds will do
      Bring yourself with honesty and speak the truth, the naked truth is due
      Naked, now there’s a thought, I digress
      Once upon a time we did undress, often
      Bring your heart, be a friend, a real friend, no cupboard love
      Rare today with dog eat dog, take no prisoners burn em at the stake
      Don’t play silly games, enough of that already, big mistake
      Don’t make promises you cannot keep, enough of that already
      Deep thought will help; don’t be a dick head, enough of that already
      Pull your socks up mate, don’t be dime a dozen, I’m right not wrong
      Let the past go, no going back, this is now not then, times gone
      Look forward; contemplate the new life, peace follows
      Otherwise like quick silver the lady will be
      Love the lady, your calm companion, your champion
      You can ask no more in this crazy world, all is given
      Heart, soul, sustenance, money from the bank, inheritance
      Hard working, many hours just to keep apace
      Weighs heavily upon me as I am supposed to be a space, man!
      While I breathe no letting down you understand
      Death before that happens, and that won’t happen
      The lady’s been down this road before

      Enough, enough I say of that already

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