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    I like to start browsing by looking at the latest posts. Click on “Activity” on the menu at the top of the page to be taken to a list of the most recent posts in reverse-chronological order.

    The easiest way to reply to a post is to go to the bottom of that post and click “Quick reply.” After typing your reply click the “Post reply” button on the bottom right of the comment box.

    You can also reply by clicking “Reply” to the left of “Quick reply.” This will open the full post and any discussion below it. Some posts have links in them but you’ll need to follow the “Reply” process to be able to click and follow them. (Keep in mind that if you follow a link it will take you away from the Forums and you’ll need to either arrow-back or click “Forums” on the top menu bar to return.)

    You can also start your session by browsing each individual forum subject, e.g. Welcome Lounge, Living With MS, or Treating MS. If you’re not already on the MS Today Forums page, click “Forums” on the top menu bar.

    We love it when people start their own discussions. To do this, go to the forum subject in which you want your post to live and click the blue “New Discussion” button. Give your discussion a title, such as “Suggestions for a New Scooter” or “Is anyone else using Lemtrada,” type your comment in the box below and click the “Post” button.

    You can attach a still photo or a video to any reply or new discussion by clicking the appropriate icon at the bottom of your text box. You can upload as many as six pictures to a single post. Anyone have any neat pix to share?

    Need more help? Just click the “Direct Message” icon at the far right of the top menu bar (the one that looks like an in-box) and send a DM to one of the Moderators. (Ed Tobias or Kevin Schaefer.)

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