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      John Connor

      Well aware that new converts can be bores.

      I love meat, fish, cheese and eggs. Especially eggs.

      Yes, veganism is better for the planet, your cardiovascular system [especially it seems if you have MS], fatigue  and if you haven’t got MS any severe Iron Man/Woman OK let’s say Person endurance event.

      Also think I’m losing weight even though I seem to have replaced meat with a  nut intake for several woods worth [I’m a 19th century poet & didn’t know it!] of squirrels! A positive side of this is that a good percentage just don’t get absorbed by our systems!

      Also very aware that just ‘cos something positive may have happened it scientifically means nothing. It could be just the placebo effect!

      Was getting very down in December as could no longer write with my right hand! I still need to write in my job. But though not brilliant it has come back.

      Maybe it’s also because the lower inflammation from a plant only diet has helped alleviate things.

      Anyone tempted to try veganism?

      Really wish I didn’t feel better on it.

      Still, because of Brexit all French cheeses are about to become luxury items but I won’t care.


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