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    “Need to Know” is a series inspired by common forum questions and comments from readers.
    .This week’s question is inspired by the forum topic “What is Trigeminal Neuralgia?”, which is a facial paroxysmal (spasming) pain caused by demyelination of the trigeminal nerves. Click here to learn more about trigeminal neuralgia and MS.

    Do you experience facial pain? How is your medical team treating it? Has it stopped you from doing any activities?

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     Shauna Pearce 

    while trigeminal neuralgia is frequently found in many ms warriors TN is also apart of migraines and tmjd, tmd, whiplash, cervicle vertebrae issues and very poor posture.  I have suffered with untreated TN since my car accident in 1996  up until 2017 when I found the right doctor/dentist but I started stress grinding my teeth in 1982 during a very bad marriage and increased stress due to migraines after my accident.  While my neurologist did multiple mri’s of my brain and neck they NEVER EVER did a mri of my face or jaw to see what else could be involved.  My TN dentist did a CT of my jaw  and not only do I now have osteoarthritis in my jaw joint but the joint is really messed from the stressors of four different car accidents.  Had the doctors really listened to me without prejudice and bias they might have actually listened to me  and did more than their usual exams I might have been able to get the proper treatment before I worse down my joint from stressing and avoided the never ending pain of OA and TN.


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