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     Debi Wilson 

    What type of supplements do you take for MS? Do they help your symptoms?

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     Vio Negru 

    Omega 3  –  1000 mg/day

    Vit. D3  –  5000 iu/day

    Alpha Lipoic Acid  –  100 mg/day

    Vit. B-12  –  500 mcg/day

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     Debi Wilson 

    Great Vio, thank-you for sharing!
    Do you feel a difference in how you feel since you have started taking them ?

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     Lois Stricker 

    I take GABA and L-Lysine every night- one helps sleep and both help heal

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     Debi Wilson 

    Awesome,  thank-you for sharing that Lois!  I hope you join in other discussions as well!

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    Firstly, I am a different being without supplements. I have learned. Please, be aware. Everything that enters you has an effect. Good and bad.

    D3 4k iu + POWDER CALCIUM 1.5g ( I was on 10k but I’m tinkering

    B12 5k ( I can’t say enough positives about this. You can’t OD on B12. 5k has made a ridiculously huge difference to me)


    Magnesium complex

    B same same

    K complex…….you simply must be taking K2 if you are taking calcium as K2 is the signpost to bone. Without it your risking a heart attack as the calcium tends to plant itself on your heart valves. …K2 will remove any from your HV btw so don’t worry.


    These are the main supps. MS is truly hard work without the above. I implore you to spend.

    I’m new so hello.😁


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     Debi Wilson 

    Hi Keith!

    Good information, thanks for sharing!

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