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      Hi, I’m new to this and this may not be the right place to ask this. I apologize if it isn’t. My gf and I just broke up. She was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago. She has some brain lesions and also deals with depression which she does take medication for.  We met and started dating 1 year 4 months ago.  It started out so awesome.  I have health issues as well and we connected with that.  However, as time went by she just would not communicate with me and towards the end get angry with me for reasons I don’t know about to this day. She wouldn’t tell me because she knows it’s very small things that she was angry about.   I know increased anger/irritability is a real thing for MS patients, but she would ignore me for days once she was angry at me.  I’m still so confused and heartbroken.  She expressed interest in getting back together, but she won’t get professional help (as a couple) to help us navigate this issue (ignoring me).  So we are still not together.  Does anyone know if the increased anger felt by someone with MS can last for days??  thank you

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      Ed Tobias

      Hi Josh,


      I’m sorry about your problems. I’m a 73 year old who has lived with MS for over 40 years and has been married for 45. I don’t think that I get exceptionally moody but I’ve read of others with MS who do. They seem to get angry and, apparently, this can go on for days. This is just second-hand info, however. Maybe someone else here has experienced this him or herself.

      This info from the National MS Society website may help you understand this better:  https://www.nationalmssociety.org/Living-Well-With-MS/Emotional-Well-Being/Mood-Changes

      Good luck,

      Ed (MS forums co-moderator)

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        Thank you Ed.  I appreciate your response.

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      Hiya Josh

      We can all get angry and irritable. From my experience with having PPMS, I’m just angry I have it. But in saying that one has to come to terms with it and give yourself a break. She may not feel like she is adjusting very well, but the truth is she is doing better than she thinks she is, even after 7 years it’s always with her and does take some time getting use to it. It like grieving a loss, it’s a huge change in her life. I have forgotten how good it was to walk, I don’t know her symptoms or what health issues you have. All relationships take work and compromise, give and take. Really hard to get those two things right. Good luck.

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