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      John Connor

      Our news section just highlighted a British report about long term UTI’s in MS patients!

      As a British one with a long standing UTI, er, if I could stand. This has become a battle of mine. I’ve written many columns about it – which I’ll cite some at the end.

      Recently I’ve resorted to phages – pre-dates antibiotics. Basically every bacterium has its own bacterial enemy – the trick is to find it!. Best not to ask where!!!

      Have also forced myself onto the books of a urologist who specialises in long term UTI’s.

      On a side note just spoke to one of my local truly helpful doctor’s who presumed I was on this urologist’s books because of something they had done! He didn’t quite believe I’d been the one who’d found her then fought my way onto her list – admittedly with the great help of the secretaries at his surgery who spent days on it.

      Any of you fought your way through the medical system like this?

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