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      Debi Wilson

      Do you experience numbness anywhere? Are there any stretches or anything that can help?

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      Yes my right hand, although to look at it, looks identical to my left hand, so only I know how it feels. I used to describe it a shrivelled up dried leaf, it feels as if the coating has come off and has a daily constant mild pins and needles which at times makes it harder to use especially fiddly things like putting the butterfly backs into the back of a pair of earrings, I have as good as given up on those. I also constantly suffer red burning and painful, particularly in-between the toes, also redness underneath the feet, on both feet. Now they do drive me crazy with the pain and discomfort. Strangely if when in bed I place my feet on a hot water bottle, my feet become more bearable and more comfortable.

      Oh the joys of our MS – NOT, it just keeps on giving, or is that taking away from us?

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      Debi Wilson

      I can relate to your symptoms Jackie!  It is so hard for me to do intricate things with my fingers.  My fingers just don’t want to cooperate !  I also have burning and numbness on my feet. Stretching, cannabis, cool lotion all seem to help.  What works for you ?

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      Wow, I feel for you guys with your hands, my hands are ok for now.  All I get is a numb bum from sitting alot.

      And Jackie, yerp, MS just keeps on giving or taking away, depends on how you look at it.  It does both at the same time I think.  I got a new symptom end of  March, my left hip hurts now after fixing my painful knee clunk, now my hip hurts. PPMS is really strange and even the doctors  dont know what comes next, every case is different.

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      Debi Wilson

      Thanks, Jilly.

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