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      Debi Wilson

      Some nights can be full of tossing and turning, leg cramps and alternating hot/cold  temperature changes. MS can impact us in so many ways, I’m not surprised lack of sleep is one of them.

      Do you have restless nights?  What helps you to get a good nights sleep?


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      No…that is the one thing I most look forwards to, is my bed…whatever happens to my body throughout the day becomes calmer by the time I am tucked up warm and cosy in bed…I sleep well apart from the couple visits to the loo, and to be honest, these are the only times I do actually feel ” normal..” …For this reason alone I count my blessings as I know many other people with MS dont even have this pleasure but, the minute I get up in the morning, have my first cup of tea, I start getting my usual early morning ” stomach bloat…” regular as clockwork, then my MS body day starts all over again….I am often at my best very late in the evenings…There have even been times my walking has been as near to what I remember as normal and I have found myself pacing at ” speed ” my speed, from one end of our home to the other… Well  what I remember it was before MS took hold of me…and on those rare occasions it brings back the memories of what my ” normal ” walking once was, and believe you me, I have given up on just how many times I have prayed that I can go to bed and wake up the same in the morning and say to myself these last three & a half years have just been a dream…or one mighty big nightmare…oh how I wish…

      But alas, of course, this never happens…



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      Debi Wilson

      l’m very happy to hear you have a reprieve from MS at night, Jackie. A good nights sleep is so important.

      I know sometimes I have good days or times as you mentioned with your walking.  It is an amazing feeling !

      As always, Thank-you for sharing your experiences!:)

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      Daniel Taylor

      There is no predictability unfortunately, I find listening to a meditation type aid – The Honest Guys , 18 minutes countdown seems to help

      Other nights sheer exhaustion takes over (sometimes!)

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      Debi Wilson

      Thank-you for sharing your great tips, Daniel!

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