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      Debi Wilson

      Sometimes MS  can be the cause of migraine headaches. If you suffer from migraines what helps you to handle the pain? Do know what can trigger your migraine or how to prevent it?

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      Debi, I mentioned my migraines to my doctor at Wake Forest and she was wonderful.   Threw me back into the MRI machine (my favorite place) and scanned my neck.     Found out that the migraines were being caused by a narrowing in my neck putting pressure on a nerve.   Sent me to a local neuro who, after looking at my scans and checking me out, suggested I try yoga to reduce the stress in my neck.   Also had a PT who gave some tricks on how to sit at computer, sewing machine and behind steering wheel to also reduce stress.   Helped so much and I seldom get headaches anymore.

      So, glad my doctor didn’t immediately go off on treating the symptom (headache) and went looking for the real cause.   I really get frustrated when a doc immediately goes the MS route without looking elsewhere first.    Now, as to meds – in all the years I’ve dealt with headache pain I’ve never found anything that works better than Excedrin Migraine.   You have to be very careful with it though – if taken too often it can actually cause headaches.   So read instructions and do your research.

      I know there are new things out there that can be used.   But, make absolutely sure, that you don’t have another issue before.    Good luck.


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      Debi Wilson

      Such good information, Micki! Thank-you!

      I am so glad you have such a thorough doctor and that your headaches are much better!

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