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      Stress can make MS symptoms even worse.  Do you have any tips for curbing stress in your life?  Are you able to identify your stressors and be proactive against them?

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        I suffer situational depression, which means my circumstances aren’t good.  My doctor has me on all sorts of medication to help keep my mind and emotions level.  I get nothing for my PPMS, what a joke it all is. (shakes head) lol.  But I will say this.  I am lucky to be in this country, we do get taken care of, it’s just sad we don’t get medicine for this illness.  Sometimes I forget how well my country supports me.

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          lol, getting up in the morning stresses me out.  As soon as I poke my head out my roomate ambushes me with what ever is in his mind…yerp, every morning…and it goes on all day.  I am tense alot and I can’t escape.

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            Oh yes, antidepressant tablets were all I got offered, of course I declined them all, I dont want to be pumped daily with ” happy pills “

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              Jackie lol.  I can’t get enough happy pills.  They really aren’t that great.  Seriously though, it’s almost a crime to be happy I can tell you.

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                My theory is MS is messing with my body, so I dont want to add pill popping to it as well, as heaven knows what damage all these foreign body objects could be doing to my insides..Many have their side effects that another pill-popping drug will rectify, and so the roller coaster pattern goes.

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                    lol side effects, life gives me side effects.

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                  I agree Jackie, I am not a fan of meds either. But, everyone’s situation is different. I would take the meds if I needed too. It seems like they help you Jilly, “Happy pills” lol. I’m glad they help!

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                    They sure do help me, I am suicidial without them.  And that thought is still never far from my mind, so if I go missing you know why.  I wish we could talk about that here, but I am afraid it might upset people, but it’s a big deal everywhere.  People that kill themselves are upset and see no future.  I am one of them.

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                    Hugs to you, Jilly.

                    Im glad those pills help you so much. You are welcome to start that topic if you wish.

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                      Jilly, yes I am too, quoting Debi: ” Im glad those pills help you so much. ” Apologies if I am making this topic of pill popping one sided, they are their to do a job.

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                        smiling, it’s fine Jackie, I understand everyone has a different take on most things.  I wish I didn’t need them, but I have been beaten up by life and it has taken a toll on me.  I said to my roomate today that I am too good for this world, not tough enough.

                        Thanks Deb, I might just mention things from time to time if that’s ok.  I’m so glad to be here.

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                          I have heard that before, often quoted by my family, all deceased now, ” that I am too good for this world. ” Does that mean the next world ( Gods Heaven ) wont let us in? lol

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                          Yes Jilly, I hope you feel free talk about what you want here.

                          Jackie, I hope I get in! Lol

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                            Debi, If I get in first, I will save a place for you, lol.

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                            Thank-you, Jackie! Lol

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                              I’d like to be on cloud 9.

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                              We will all meet at cloud 9! lol

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                                Perfect, it’s a date then on cloud 9, just wave with two hands and I’ll know it’s you lol.

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                                lol! Jilly

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                                  Ha ha, I would rather go there than on ” cloud cuckoo land.”

                                  Cloud 9, here we come, make way for the three of us.

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                                  Lol! Jackie

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