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      Wanda Lilly

      I have thought throughout my 14 years with MS, that my immune system was boosted and the DMT  we took for MS. lowered our immune system. I am reading on here that we have a weakened immune system. Why I have always believed we had a boosted immune system, is in the 14 years I have had MS, I have only had one small cold, and that was last year. I have always taken DMT.

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      Ed Tobias

      Hi Wanda,

      I think you’ve read a column that was posted today by Wanda Towler. I read that column and had the same reaction.

      My neuro has always told me that MS makes my immune system overactive. She uses the word “supercharged.” I disagree with the idea that it’s the opposite and I’ve found nothing written that would support it.

      Wanda is a columnist, not a news writer, and we columnists are writing about our own experiences. This, obviously, has been hers.

      There’s a way to make a comment directly following all of our columns. Have you commented directly to her to ask about this?


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      Dennis Ralutin

      From what I understand and having suffered through one autoimmune disorder (immune thrombocytopenia or ITP) and currently dealing with MS, MS does not make one’s immune system overactive. Rather, it’s the opposite: an overactive immune system can cause MS and / or other autoimmune disorders (ITP, Lupus, etc.). I’d almost go as far as saying that one’s immune system is malfunctioning in these cases – destroying otherwise healthy and functioning cells instead of those that can cause harm (bacteria, viruses, etc.).

      Most DMTs (Disease Modifying Therapies) work by killing off certain types of immune cells, effectively weakening the immune system.

      Just my two cents…


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      Ed Tobias

      Your understanding is pretty close to mine, Dennis. Thanks for sharing.


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      John Connor
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